Our Mission, Vision and Values

To supply high quality rock salt following our customers’ specifications at the most competitive price with an excellent service.

To be our customers’ first choice, the favourite and world wide leader salt supplier.

Customer- oriented, aware, environmentally friendly and respectful with people’s health (aligned with UN’s SDG). Efficient business criteria for partners development for the benefit of people and stakeholders.

Our history is full of milestones

Below we have gathered a list of our main achivements

2008 Oriol (our CEO) takes over

After Mr.Salvador Domenech retirement, his son Oriol takes over the family business and creates a dedicated company to Salt Supplies around the World, Maxisalt.

2009-2012: Multicountry source supply

Deliveries focused on Deicing Market in Europe. Maxisalt becomes the first company to develop a multicountry source supply from the Mediterranean to Northern Europe with vessels from 5.000 to 25.000 mt

2012: Expansion to West Africa

Maxisalt Starts deliveries of Food Grade Salt in West Africa countries becoming today one of the main exporters to the region with about 150.000mt /year.

2013: French warehouse in Rouen opening

Start of our French warehouse in Rouen being the biggest hub of Salt in North West France with an innovative New Supply Chain scheme to guarantee continuous stock availibility that becomes the benchmark in the sector. Multiple public and private contracts awarded since today.

2014: Opening of South America

2014 Opening of South America office in Uruguay to develop America’s salt products for Food, Water Treatment and chemical sectors.

2015: First 55.000mt vessel shipped to China

2015 First 55.000mt vessel shipped to China for the Chlor-Alkali industry. A growing demand for importers that has been our base of growth in Asian markets.

2016: Deliveries to North America markets begin

With an spectacular growth up to now and together with our exclusive suppliers, Maxisalt delivers around 400.000mt/year industrial and deicing salt products in a sustainable way.

2017: Opening of Asia Office in Hong Kong

Opening of Asia Office in Hong Kong to support our continuous business in the region.

2019 Opening of Maxisalt North America

With our team based in Fort Wayne, IN we run 7 terminals across US and Canada with our Best Quality Salt ready for delivery to customers.

2020: Maxisalt enters Water softening & Pool filters

Maxisalt enters the sector of Water softening and Pool filters with a partnership in the company Ecoomix Solutions.

2021: Maxisalt enters Chlorine Production

Maxisalt enters the sector of Chlorine Production with a partnership in the company Welysis.

Who we are

Oriol Domenech

Our CEO at Maxisalt

Gerard Calls
Supply Chain

Lidia Martínez

Cristina De Sanromà

Mar Teodoro
Marketing and Development

Danilo Mannise
Director America

Cristina Moyano
Sales America

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