Water Treatment

Maxisalt has long time logistics expertise delivering water treatment salt worldwide. The globe is our land.

We want to help you save space and storage costs.

We can guarantee you the regular or occasional product delivery when and where you need it. The combination of all these competitive advantages makes it possible:

  • Working directly with shipping companies avoids possible third-party delays in deliveries.
  • Most importantly, we have more than 21 sources of salt production and we are already suppling in several countries on different continents. Your orders will come from the most appropriate origin or origins considering quality, logistics efficiency and your cost savings.
  • Additionally, we have extra stock at origin to attend to any eventuality.
  • Our logistics department is powered by the last generation of technology and systems.
  • With the Maxisalt delivery monitoring app, you always know the status of your orders in real time.

For these and other reasons, Maxisalt is the reference salt distributor for thousands of private retailers, water maintenance companies and public contractors around the world.


Any type of salt for any water softener requirement

In every country water supply contains a high percentage of calcium and magnesium which greatly shorten the working life of equipment and products that use such water.

In the case of swimming pools salt is used to purify the water and prevent algae and bacteria from appearing.

Maxisalt produces and supplies the two types of salt most used for water softener:

  • Vacuum salt (evaporated salt) in tablets/pellets
  • Solar salt in tablets/pellets

For the maintenance of softening equipment -industrial and domestic- we recommend using vacuum salt. This avoids the blockage of the salt vats due to the higher amount of insoluble that the refined salt carries.

In the case of disinfection by electrolysis of swimming pools it is advisable to use high quality solar salt.

Our experts are at your disposal for any technical advice you may require.

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