Rock Salt uses

The mineral form of sodium chloride that we also use in water treatment, animal and chemical industries is called rock salt.

Many millions of years ago sea water evaporated, and its salt was relayed in subterranean deposits.

Nevertheless, it looks very different to the salt we are used to see on our table. In its primitive appearance, rock salt looked like huge irregular crystals with different tonalities of colors that went from red to blue to yellow. Rock salt’s tonality is related to the impurities it has.

In this article we’ll provide you with some knowledge about the different uses for rock salt. Consequently, we will introduce you to all the industries where it is used.

It’s important to remark that it’s fundamental for animal nutrition. It has always been used by farmers to supply essential nutrients to the cattle. Sodium chloride is important for ruminants, because most plants do not have a large enough quantity of sodium. Nowadays, in the actual markets we can find different compositions of rock salt tablets for animal feeding.

One of the most important characteristics of rock salt is its capacity for deicing and removing the snow on highways. Consequently, a major part of the salt industry is dedicated basically to the maintenance of roads and streets. Rock salt’s deicing power lies in its power to lower the glacial point of water.

Salt is also widely used in the food industry. We treat some pieces of meat and fish with salt bases to ensure its conservation and proper consumption over time.

Another common use for this type of salt is the softening of hard water. The sodium present in rock salt interacts with the ions of calcium and magnesium particles existing in hard water, in order to purge these raw materials.

Rock salt is also used for aesthetical purposes. It is a good exfoliating agent to wipe out lifeless skin cells, and rinse out the skin pores. There are many beauty centers that offer treatments involving salt because of its effects.

So as we have seen in this article, there are many uses for rock salt.

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