Rock Salt For Water Treatment

As we mentioned in our article on rock salt uses, one of the most important applications of Rock Salt is for use in water treatment. In every country water supplies contain a high percentage of calcium and magnesium, which are very harmful for the life of equipment components and products requiring the use of this water.

To avoid this, in the market there are many water treatment systems that use it as a raw material. This use is essential to maintain the efficiency of resins that help to provide us with softer water.

This water will be better to keep the clothes clean and smooth, leaving hair softer and easier to comb, reducing the costs of using soap, avoiding mineral residue buildup in pipes which could block piping systems, improving the taste of water for cooking or preparing coffee and tea, reducing the cooking time of food, avoiding long-term health problems in human physiological systems and being available for use in ironing systems instead of distilled water.

Also, most of the dishwashers sold in the market recommend the use of rock salt to improve their performance. It definitely improves the quality of domestic water.

For industries, the quality of water treatment systems is essential to maintain the efficiency of their facilities. Many businesses use it for washing clothes (like laundries), or for cleaning kitchen equipments or to prevent residue buildup in pipes (which would mean some loss of efficiency in industrial facilities combined with high repair costs); treating water with softener equipments working with rock salt, is now considered essential for all of them.

As for the types used for water softening systems, there are several different forms of rock salt, such as coarse or granulated salt and salt pellets that depending on its geometry will  improve water flow between them, and so the final system performance. It is very important to avoid using salts that have high insoluble particles that may block the pipes of the deposits.

On our next article we will explain how rock salt has many industrial uses, don’t miss it.

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